Abundant Wildflowers

While I haven’t been blogging very often these days, I am certainly taking enough photos everyday to share the incredible beauty that surrounds us here.

Today I will share the amazing wildflowers that greet me each day. I captured these over the past month.

Blue Aphyllanthes
Winter Vetch
Beedana (Quince)
Rock Rose
Misopates Orontium
Astragalus Clusianus
Hippocrepis Scabra
Red Valerian
Woolly Geranium
White Garlic
Glassy Onion
Blue Hound’s Tongue
Black Cumin
Silene Saxatilis
Wild Gladiolus
Evergreen Honeysuckle

4 thoughts on “Abundant Wildflowers”

  1. WOW!!! Some beautiful detailed captures in these photos Xan. Love that you have shared some names also, thankyou. The black cumin I know as Nigella or Love in a Mist. Love to you both and hope to catch up when I pop back for a visit in the autumn xx

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      1. Sorry Xan, meant to get back to you then lost this . . . you know what it is like! Currently in my home town at one of my sisters and had a lovely family reunion (small scale) on Sunday with my other sister and aunt (mums sister). Heading up to Edinburgh in a week or so depending on whether allowed to go there or not. Hope you are getting back into the summer spirit. Much love to you and Bob xx


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